Branding Rockstar: Lisa Song Sutton

Today marks the launch of a new blog feature: Branding Rockstars. The first Friday of every month, we’ll interview someone who is killing it when it comes to branding. They’ll share their expertise and provide insights into how they create a clear, concise, and consistent brand.

Our first Branding Rockstar is Lisa Song Sutton, who has launched numerous companies and still manages to maintain a consistent brand.

Thanks for joining us, Lisa! By way of introduction, what is your tagline or elevator pitch?

My tagline: Entrepreneur, Forbes Writer, TV Host, and Miss Nevada US 2014

Elevator Pitch: I’m a real estate investor and entrepreneur, holding ownership interests in several companies in the real estate, tech, retail and food & beverage industries, including Las Vegas’ #1 alcohol-infused cupcake company:  Sin City Cupcakes.

As the owner of four businesses and the former Miss Nevada, what are some of the branding challenges you’ve had to overcome?

Initially, when people learn about my modeling and pageant background, they tend to formulate a stereotype. Once they get to learn more about me, read some of my Forbes articles or watch interviews I have conducted, I think their outlook changes with mild surprise to discover that I’m a focused business person with an education.

How do you differentiate between your business brands and personal brand?

Each brand has its own voice and style. That said, the common denominator is me. As a result, my brand becomes a reflection of my businesses and vice versa.

What tactics have proven to be the most effective in establishing your personal brand? Social media? Speaking engagements?

The biggest driver that established my personal brand was going out and building engagement in the community. During my time as Miss Las Vegas (2013) and Miss Nevada (2014) I conducted over 500 community appearances. I was out reading at schools, volunteering at hospitals, attending red carpet events. I was everywhere and it was all being posted on social media. I garnered massive exposure within the business community and community at large. During those appearances I would engage in massive amounts of public speaking. Initially my message was about empowering children and women, building self-esteem.  As I grew more in my role, I realized that I had to speak about my business experiences which exemplified where my confidence came from. Soon thereafter I was conducting more speaking engagements around methods, experiences and actionable advice.

What’s the one piece of advice you can give to BOTB readers on launching their personal brands?

The quickest way to effectively establish your personal brand as an authority is to be credible, knowledgeable and bring value to your audience. Consider what can be gained from your words and experiences for others. Get out and get engaged in your community. Volunteer and meet people you otherwise would never meet. This brings you massive exposure and sets you up for success.

Want more from Lisa? Check out her website and read her latest Forbes article!

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