Will This Be Your Most Memorable Year?

2018 has been my most memorable year. Looking back over the past eight months, I see how defining my personal brand more clearly and adjusting my brand messaging has made a significant impact in my business.

Some of these indications are data drive – more newsletter subscribers, higher open rate, etc–but many of them are anecdotal. In just the past few months, I…

…had someone introduce me as a personal brand expert at a writing conference (where I’m usually introduced as a book publicist).

…received a speaking request from a local small business organization…that I didn’t have any previous connections to.

…connected with several entrepreneurs that are at a similar stage in their businesses.

These incidents demonstrate how having a memorable personal brand will lead to more meaningful connections, which will lead to more success. And it’s because I’ve experienced this transformation first-hand that I have spent time developing a program that will help you do the same.

Introducing, Your Most Memorable Year!

This program combines the lessons from the Personal Brand Master Class and the Master Networker Class to create a comprehensive program that will help you become more memorable and grow your business.

In our fast-moving, quick-hit culture, it can be difficult to make a lasting impression. You may attend networking events or conferences and meet dozens of new people but struggle to cultivate those relationships past the first follow-up email. It may feel like everyone else is being thought of for career opportunities and job promotions while you’re often being overlooked.

You want to make a lasting impression. You want to be thought of. You want to be memorable.

There are no shortage of e-courses out there. (I know, I’ve participated in many of them!) That’s why I decided to do Your Most Memorable Year differently. Rather than focusing on social media platforms, email marketing, or other tactics for boosting your numbers, Your Most Memorable Year is about building a foundation to help you stand out from the pack, no matter which marketing tactics you’re using.

Think about it this way: You may know all the tricks for growing your email list or building a social media following, but unless you have a memorable and favorable brand, do you think those tricks will actually work?

Your Most Memorable Year is all about crafting and perfecting your brand message so people know exactly who you are, what you do, and what makes you unique. It’s about creating real relationships, not just with clients and customers, but with referrers and peers. Your Most Memorable Year leads to a very important shift in your business…

Instead of chasing after job opportunities, clients, and customers…people are chasing after you.

Additionally, Your Most Memorable Year isn’t just another self-guided e-course that will sit on your digital shelf. This is a hands-on program, compete with group coaching calls, an interactive Facebook group, and workbooks to help you achieve results as you move through the program. This 8-week program will lay the foundation you need now to ensure 2019 is Your Most Memorable Year.

Registration is open now, but the doors close at 12:30pm EST on Friday, August 24th.

Don’t delay, take advantage of this unique program. Let’s make this Your Most Memorable Year—together!

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