You may associate branding with logos, color palettes, and website copy, but at Branding Outside the Box, branding is about YOU. Your personal brand is the secret to becoming more memorable, advancing your career, and creating the life you want.

Your personal brand is who you are and what you do. This extends beyond your name and job title; it conveys your passion, expertise, and core values. A personal brand sends a message to potential clients, employers, and colleagues, letting them know what you’re all about.

The road to career success is noisy and congested, but a personal brand separates you from the crowd and moves you into the fast lane.


I help people identify what they really want to do with their lives and help them create the road map to get there. I believe that everyone, no matter which industry they work in, deserves to have a meaningful career and fulfilling life.

A personal brand is the foundation of professional success, and I help individuals identify, create, and establish that brand. I’ve worked with corporate executives, creatives, entrepreneurs, and recent college grads to develop brand messaging, build their networks, increase productivity, and ultimately, create the life and career they want. Through blog posts, newsletters, worksheets, e-courses, 1:1 consultations, and podcasts, we’ll work together so that you’ll develop the skills you need to take your career to the next level.

If you feel your career has plateaued or you’re ready to make a career change but don’t know where to start, I am here to help. Let’s launch your brand, together.


Dana KayeDana Kaye is a veteran publicist, social media pro, and brand manager. In 2009, she founded Kaye Publicity, Inc., a boutique PR company specializing in publishing and entertainment. Known for her innovative ideas and knowledge of current trends, she coaches her clients on how to identify and establish their unique personal brands. Kaye is also the author of Your Book, Your Brand: The Step-by-Step Guide to Launching Your Book and Boosting Your Sales, and the creator of Branding Outside the Box where she helps driven entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders become more memorable.