How to Leverage YouTube to Grow Your Business with Trena Little

Video is a crucial component to becoming more memorable and establishing a personal brand. But creating quality video content and launching a YouTube channel can be daunting.

What equipment do you need to create quality videos?
Once you create and publish your videos to YouTube, how do people find you? 
Doesn’t building a YouTube presence take up a lot of time?

 Enter Trena Little. Trena is a YouTube strategist and experts who helps entrepreneurs leverage YouTube to grow their business. Her simple and straightforward approach reduces the stress and confusion around YouTube marketing and motivates you to get on camera.

In this episode, we discuss:

Trena’s journey from “Mommy Vlogger” to YouTube strategist and entrepreneur
Why YouTube is such a powerful tool for growing your business
The equipment you need to create quality video content
The two types of content to post to your channel

Click here to download Trena’s free YouTube roadmap.

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